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3 Months

We are proud to have partnered with BCCI and the IPL franchise for two consecutive years to deliver fantasy platform to the largest fan base of cricket fanatics in the world. We designed the best gamification experience while delivering to over a million users.


IPL Fantasy website had to handle an enormous number of requests during the peak hours, which proved to be cumbersome for the previous edition of the website.



The platform had to be scalable enough to handle more than 1 million users. There needed to be a drastic improvement of the user interface while also optimizing the web pages for exceptionally high demands and live score tracking.

The Serverless Approach__

The serverless architecture removed the hassle of scaling the servers up or down. This helped us focus on the business logic and structuring of our architecture to handle higher traffic. Our services included end to end implementation, operation, staging, deployment, maintenance, delivery and upgrade of the IPL Online Fantasy League on the IPL Website.


Bringing Fantasy to Life__

IPL Fantasy was one of the most challenging projects that Cartoon Mango had the privilege of working on. The gaming experience was hailed as one of the most engaging fantasy user experiences that created waves in the fantasy gaming industry.

Cartoon Mango Digital gave our fans a whole new digital experience for our Fantasy League. Technical solutions provided were cutting edge and helped us in handling huge volumes of users at peak periods. We have over 1 million users who are no longer just spectators but are now an active part of the experience, thanks to the extremely talented team at Cartoon Mango.
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